Chickens and dogs can be  friends on the farm.

On the farm, our chickens (unfortunately we only have four at the moment due to the pine-marter) and ducks are very special for us.

They provide the main ingredient for the breakfast the eggs and they are an attraction for our guests.

On top of that are these chicks and ducks friends with our dogs.

Lady, (cross collie/ fox-terrier) loves to keep them together. She keeps them out of the flower garden and she sits with them when they are foraging in the field protecting them from fox and other predators. When I look at them it always makes me smile. Bella our Jack Russel is the hammock maker she loves to run with and after the birds.

Lady quickly gathers all of them back together and sits down looking at them. Nature is beautiful!






Would you like to meet our chickens ducks, dogs and sheep, you can book now call 0879141361 or look at the website

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