The first guests made us feel good!!

Our house is completed and we have had our first guests. It is so nice to welcome new guests, with tea and some home made backings. They have time to tell about their journey, their sight seeing trips and are looking forward to new adventures. I think that I like that most, when guests arrive, they are happy sometimes tired but always full of stories. until now all of them have left the Lodge with a lot of compliments and a good feeling.

We have also hosted the wedding of our oldest daughter here, it was so beautiful! It was a hayshed wedding in our Garden. Fifty guests from the Netherlands and our closest friends from Ireland.  I still have tears in my eyes thinking back, her coming up to thnerveus-liz-en-wile shed on her father’s arm  and their vows, everybody was crying and happy.

Our sheep are happy in their new field and we now have two dogs, Bella, the little brown-black Jack Russel and Lady a black cross fox terrier, border collie. coming weeks here will be hens added when the henhouse is ready. We are making raised beds in the poly tunnel to grow our own vegetables and we have planted apple, pear and plum trees.

Next season we want to add more accommodation possibilities, so we can give you a choice on how you want to stay at Ardvarney Country Lodge. Especially for the guests that are looking for all the crazy, funny, cultural and adventures things to do in Leitrim.

At this moment we are working on our marketing, our name has to go out to you all that have not jet been in Ardvarney Country Lodge. We are going to the Netherlands to promote the Lodge and visit friends. You will see more on facebook and twitter and find some promotional ads.

We hoop to see you all soon,

Carin and Wilfred






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