Bee and Bee in Ardvarney Country Lodge

Ardvarney Country Lodge Bee and Bee is a fact. The last month, the Bee & Bee accommodation at Ardvarney Country Lodge was vacant for new Bees to check in.Unfortunately, no wild swarms were interested to build their colony in the … Read More

Beekeeper invites buzzy guests at Ardvarney Country Lodge.

Becoming a buzzy beekeeper at Ardvarney Country Lodge. Living in Dromahair, Leitrim and being retired, gave me the possibility to think about a new  hobby to do next to  the work in the Bed an Breakfast . I always had the idea … Read More

Chickens and Dogs are friends on the farm.

On the farm the chickens and ducks are very special. They provide the main ingredient for the breakfast the eggs and they are an attraction for our guests. On top of that are these chicks and ducks friends with our … Read More

Stable, sheep, chickens, ducks and eggs.

Stables, sheep, chickens and breakfast eggs. The Stables on the left side of the house are over 200 years old. We wander what is the best purpose to give them. Initially, the idea was to rebuild this old stable into … Read More

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Sheep and Lambs, to cuddle or not to cuddle?

Sheep and Lambs, Two years ago a dear friend who owns sheep and lambs, came to us with a lovely little pet lamb. You call a lamb, pet lamb, when its mum cannot take care of him or her. This can … Read More

Guests in Ardvarney Country Lodge

Guests, What is it that we like so much about having guests in Ardvarney Country Lodge? Arrivel: When guests come they usually are looking forward to a nice stay, there for often they are in a good mood. They are … Read More