Becoming a buzzy beekeeper at Ardvarney Country Lodge.

Living in Dromahair, Leitrim and being retired, gave me the possibility to think about a new  hobby to do next to  the work in the Bed an Breakfast .

Making the frames

I always had the idea to become a beekeeper when settled, next to our sheep, chicken and ducks to have some buzzy guests in a nice beehive. However, I realised that keeping bees is not so simple as putting a hive in the garden and let nature take its course.

Inquiries what, where how beekeeping is planning ahead.

As a start, a few months ago, I did a  beekeepers course with Mary from Mill Lane Beekeeping. A fantastic lady, living bees. She herself has 22 hives on her site. A remote cottage, hidden in the Leitrim countryside. She explained all about the world of Bees. The housing, the life style, the food, their habits, the diseases etc. A great experience. Last week, after my birthday, I got some money to spend on a real new hive.

Gauntlet and other beekeepers products

No way back now and up to the Mill Lane Beekeeping place to see what we could buy. I bought a self to assemble pack of a National Hive. A 3000+ bedroom apartment for bees. It took a few glasses of water and a lot of patience, to get this puzzle together. At last after a day work I succeeded. The new house was build. The floor, the entrance block, the brood chamber, the queen excluder, the super (2x), the crown board and roof. Inside, the self assembled frames (30 in total).

With the buy of the hive came a starter equipment like a smoker,  beekeeper tool and beekeeper Gauntlets. I also needed to buy a frame that can hold two hives. (I start with one but you never know!)

Placing the beehive,

Next step was that I defined a place in the garden. Sunny but not too sunny and a free landing strip from the fields around us. A safe place without the risk of being disturbed but still in site from the house window. A paradise for our future guests.

Hive in the Garden

I put an ad on the social media with the message that a new house was build for 3000+ guests. The rent, a load of honey and a friendly attitude.

drone bee looking for new house

A few drops of Lemon grass oil to make them feel at home and ready to go.
After a day, there were some first views of interested guests, swarming around the hive and popping in for a quick look. Now, I have to wait if they are able to convince the Queen to have a visit and settle herself at a nice sp

First guests

ot in the property. The new adventure has started. Still a lot to learn and experience, but the start is made for a successful beekeeping adventure.

Do you want to see our new hive go to  the website

Keep an eye out for the next blog, Wilfred will keep you informed of all new developments.

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