Stables, sheep, chickens and breakfast eggs.


The Stables on the left side of the house are over 200 years old. We wander what is the best purpose to give them. Initially, the idea was to rebuild this old stable into a multifunctional area (courses and training sessions). But we decided to keep the old building and restore it with the purpose of housing our sheep and chickens.

Ready to go.  We found a local guy capable of getting the stonework repaired. A carpenter made a new roof build and new doors. A good example of local craftsmanship. After a few weeks, the job was done. The old stable was restored in his old condition (or even better) and ready for our Sheep and chicken to be used.

stable stable stable

The stable

A bit of paint to get the old stable look, was the next step. The last step is painting the outside of the building. The back of the stable will be untouched old stone. Unfortunately the front is painted so many times, that we can not go back to the old stone. We need a view days sun now to finish the paintwork.

Test Test
Ready to go and in time for the busy lambing season. Our girls (sheep) are expecting eight lambs in March this year. They have a nice place now to eat and nurse.

The chicken hut.

The next challenge was the chicken hut. A design was made on the chicken hut, the wood was bought and the house was build. A three star “self”-containing apartment” for our chickens.

chickens house chickens chickens

The front of the chicken hut (to lay the eggs) was creatively decorated by Annet. Wood chips and old tree branches were brought in to make it cosy for our chickens, rooster and ducks.

In the mean time two ducks have taken the chicken hut in their possession. The chickens got the old doghouse of Bella.

A total of 5 chicken and 4 ducks and a rooster are now happy living in their apartment with garden en mountain view. Fresh eggs (chicken and duck) will be available for breakfast!

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