This pageIMG_1685 is about our animals, we have four sheep lambs, Dior, Yves, Lauren, and Armani. Coco, however, is the sheep whom it started with three years ago. I don’t know who was helping

who, I was alone in the “new land” (Wilfred was working) and my sweet neighbor Mary did everything she could to make me feel at home. So when the lambing season started she took me to the shed, she needed a helping hand. Well, that was a great experience, my background as maternity ward nurse kicked in and I was in the shed day and night. One night a sheep delivered three little lambs and it was freezing cold. We did what we could to keep them warm enough but two of them just did not survive, except Coco, she was the smallest of the three and very thin, her skin was too big for the little body so she was all skin folds. Her mother was taking good care of her, never the less we had to help her keeping the little girl warm and healthy. She grew up to be a beauty, and as lamb, you could always spot her for she was brown. Long story short, I got attached to Coco and could not let her go, she became our first sheep. She is at the moment pregnant of two lambs.

Then my friend came with a pat lamb, Yves. Bella was completely taken by her and was a good mom. She brought her to her water, licked her skin and even shared her bed with Yves.

That week another three pet lambs came and the gang was complete. Our youngest daughter gave them all names from famous designers, Christian Dior, Yves saint Laurent, Armani and Ralph Lauren.

Bella is our Jack Russel, she has the capability to make you happy just walking with her. She loves to go to the beach or woods as long that she can ran trough water and swim with the seals.

Today I saw a super hen house! It is a shepherd’s hut, so when the hens come I want to see if I can make them a fancy henhouse! In our fields, we will start in 2017 with shepherd huts for our guests. This will be the cream on the whole enterprise. We are so looking forward to starting, here is a preview of the house, our work in progress. Still a lot of work to be done. However, it starts to come together.

2016-01-26 14.29.23

The past, the present and the future are really one: They are today!

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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