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Sheep and Lambs,

Bella taking care of the lamb

Two years ago a dear friend who owns sheep and lambs, came to us with a lovely little pet lamb. You call a lamb, pet lamb, when its mum cannot take care of him or her. This can be because the mum is sick, or has had a triplet, or died. In this case the lamb has to be hand fed, with a bottle.

In the beginning it is 6 feedings including the night, or late evening and very early morning.

We ended up with 4 pet lambs, in the beginning in the kitchen and Bella our dog had the skin care task, she was licking the poor lambs all day long.

After a week they stayed in the shed and after 2-3 weeks they where outside during the day.

Our youngest daughter g
ave them names, Yves (saint Laurant), Dior, Armani and (Ralph) Lauren.


lambs need botle feeding

Because we are so involved with them they started to get more and more part of the family. Bella was playing with them and they where always together in a pack of four.

Then they had to go in the field with the other sheep and lambs.

In the beginning they came running to us the moment they saw us, but after a while they just came for food.


Now they are in our own field with Coco and a pet lamb from 2016.

Although when we go in the field they are not afraid of us and they will come when they like to. However they know us and like the apple they get they never will be real pets like a dog and we will always have to be aware that they will give a head-butt when they want you out of their way. When we come with food we better be prepared because they will run us over to get it.

Every now and then we can cuddle them, a good rub on the head is what they like then. Never the less it is always on their terms.


Dior, happy sheep

We want to invite you

to come and see our lovely sheep and it might be in March that they have their own lambs. If you're looking for scientific info about sheep, we're here to offer some materials as quality as those that experts at provide.

Carin and Wilfred.









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